Every Spring, GPPR publishes a peer-reviewed journal, the Spring Edition, containing a selection of articles that present new, innovative, and quality research on the theme selected that year by the GPPR Editorial Board. This 2018-19 Spring Edition theme, “Rethinking Governance,” is designed to encourage scholars and policy-makers to think beyond the challenges we see in governance – fragility in institutions, erosion of democracy, increasing polarization – and to instead present cutting-edge, innovative solutions for a new era of global and domestic governance.

This year’s theme builds on the themes of “Disruption” and “Uncertainty” in previous Spring Editions and encourages a shift in thinking from problem diagnostics to policy solutions. Rethinking Governance contains research and writing on four topics that the Editorial Board believes represent some of today’s most critical and complex governance challenges:

  • Human rights and diversity: Strengthening institutions in times of crisis;

  • Global governance in a fragmenting world: Climate change and security;

  • Big data, big problems: Public policy and digital ethics; and

  • Partnerships for the greater good: Private solutions to public problems.